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Investment issues are not addressed in a vacuum. IPEX views consulting as a relationship and communication as an essential ingredient. While the structure of our firm helps to ensure our independence and objectivity, our personnel ensure the success of our client relationships.


IPEX was founded in 1995 and is a pure investment consulting firm. We do not engage in any banking, brokerage or money management activities, or assume any other role in an investment program that could compromise our objectivity.


IPEX is completely independent. We are not affiliated with any other entity. We are a boutique consulting firm, 100% owned by active employees.


IPEX places a priority on the principals of the firm obtaining and maintaining industry recognized credentials. Shale Lapping and Steven Cupchak have completed the highly regarded Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) program offered at the Wharton School of Business in conjunction with the Investment Management Consultants Association. In addition, they both received the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation awarded by the CFA Institute, and both maintain active memberships in the Association.

Shale Lapping, President, has ultimate responsibility for all investment recommendations made by IPEX. Shale is the primary person responsible for client relationships, and he assists in formulating the firm’s recommendations regarding an account’s spending policy, asset allocation and the retention or selection of managers. He has provided investment consulting services since 1989.

Follow these links for the complete bios of each member of the firm’s consulting staff:


IPEX receives all of its revenue from the payment of client consulting fees, in hard dollars, rather than from money managers, mutual funds or third parties. We have structured our compensation arrangements to try and ensure that we act solely for the benefit of our clients and provide unbiased consulting services.

Compensation may be in the form of a fixed fee adjusted annually for inflation or a percentage of the account’s market value. In all cases the fee is unrelated to transaction activity. The fee for a specific account is based upon the complexity of the account and the type of services requested.  No long-term commitment is required.


Working with endowments, foundations and religious organizations has always been the focus of our firm. IPEX helps these organizations to simplify their investment programs, reach their long-term goals, address their current needs and fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.