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Ongoing Monitoring

Once the investment program is operational, the monitoring function begins and continues as an ongoing process. The IPEX monitoring procedures are designed to address all facets of an investment program. Simple issues include deciding how and when to re-balance a portfolio, if the allocation moves outside of the established parameters. More complex issues include determining how to treat a manager whose performance has lagged.

Ongoing monitoring is a vital component of an overall investment program. Regardless of how good the investment policy, the asset allocation and the money managers may be, continued vigilance is required to ensure that the investment program stays on track and is responsive to the client’s needs.


Ongoing monitoring has two purposes. First, to detect issues that may adversely impact the investment program. Second, to provide meaningful information to help the client assess the issues and to decide on a remedy. While the monitoring process is intended to raise issues, monitoring does not necessarily result in change. The monitoring process may make the client aware of many items that warrant discussion, but that do not require immediate action. The client benefits from this approach by having a long lead time to address potential issues and consider various solutions, rather than operating in a crises mode and making impulsive decisions.


Uncertainty is inherent in the capital markets. No investment program, regardless of its asset allocation, its investment objectives, and its money managers, can eliminate that uncertainty. The question is how best to address it and to minimize it. If a client is unsure of how its account is positioned or how its account is performing, the uncertainty can become intolerable. The IPEX monitoring process answers these questions, and as a consequence provides the client with an appropriate comfort level based upon knowledge and understanding.

Systematic Approach

The most critical aspect of a monitoring process is that it is performed on a systematic basis, not undertaken as a special project after a major problem has been detected. By evaluating numerous variables, both qualitative and quantitative, throughout the life of an investment program, IPEX is able to detect potential problems before they become serious. Consequently, IPEX can bring these matters to a client’s attention on a pro-active basis.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

Throughout the monitoring process, IPEX, as an independent consultant, has the experience, judgment and expertise required to help the client place any issue in proper perspective, to evaluate available options and to arrive at a consensus decision. By Turning Numbers into Knowledge, IPEX ensures that our clients are well informed, regarding all aspects of their investment program, and that they have fulfilled their fiduciary responsibilities.

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